It’s worth noting that standalone signs might not be enough to make a HVAC Replacement Kitchener Ontario compulsory. However, two or more of these signs evident at once is a clear indicator that your furnace needs replacing.

High Energy Bills

Sudden hikes in your electricity bill could point to a problem with your installed furnace. Scheduling regular furnace maintenance could help reduce the energy bill, but it might not be enough.

If your energy bill keeps increasing after scheduling professional furnace repairs, it might be time to order a replacement. Internal parts of running furnaces might wear out, causing irregular use of energy channeled into it.

It’s better to contact a professional furnace replacement company to prevent continuous energy price hikes.

Frequent Illness

Carbon monoxide (CO) buildup is common in older heating furnaces. Other by-products like rusting and debris can also accumulate in an old or faulty heating system.

Constant buildup of CO and debris in a faulty furnace could be redirected into your property. If that happens, people within that environment are likely to become ill frequently.

When most people or everyone in the furnace’s coverage area fall ill, it could be a glaring sign of CO poisoning.

If you don’t intend to contain a professional furnace repair service, it’s best to get your heating system replaced. Replacing your furnace with a quality product is easier with professional guidance and eliminates any chance of gas poisoning.

Frequent Furnace Repairs

Furnaces that require frequent repairs for different parts in their system might point towards a full replacement.

If you’ve had to request over three furnace repairs in two years, consider replacing your old unit. It’s worth noting that frequent repairs on a furnace may not be the best for your home’s heating over time. Inefficient heating coupled with energy bill spikes might occur after frequent repairs.

Aggregate repair costs might be enough to get a new furnace, so replacing your furnace is a smart choice. Buying a new furnace will give you more value for money and guarantee you proper indoor heating without hassle.

Old Furnaces

Furnaces burn fuels like propane gas or heating oil to generate heat. Most energy-efficient furnaces use 90%+ for heat production, but never 100%.

Older furnaces consume more energy than newer products and tend to reach its life span earlier. The overall design of old furnaces affects their ability to use energy over time properly.

Also, it is recommended to replace furnaces that have constantly operated for 15 years or more.

Yellow Burner Flame

A furnace flame should burn bright blue and in no other colors. Burning flames in furnaces that have a yellow flame indicate high carbon monoxide production. In other cases, a yellow/orange flame might mean that your furnace isn’t using up its heating fuel properly.

Combustion in a furnace could be potentially harmful and might leak out heating fuel or carbon into your property. Exposure to carbon fumes is deadly, and common signs of CO-emitting furnaces are:

  • Soot on the furnace and surrounding areas
  • Little to no upward drift in your chimney
  • Moisture on cold surfaces
  • Rusting on connecting pipes

If you notice any of these signs, contact a qualified furnace technician for an inspection. Also, you may need to contact your utility provider to shut off gas supplies to your property as a precaution.

Surface Wear and Tear

Bumps, dents, and other signs of wear and tear on your furnace could directly indicate an immediate replacement. Worn out furnaces are more likely to develop faults, so it’s better to proactively order a new unit.

Visible Dust Buildup

Dust buildup in your indoor space could be a sign of improper operation of your furnace. Bad furnaces could send debris and dust particles into your property, and a replacement can fix this problem with ease.

Uneven Room Heating

Whenever rooms get unequal heating, it could be a direct sign of a faulty furnace. Replacing the furnace assures comfortable, even heating across all rooms in your property.

Humidity Problems

A faulty furnace could cause major humidity problems around your house. Constant adjustments to your thermostat without any noticeable humidity changes usually points to a faulty furnace.

Humidity problems might result in dry air circulating throughout your house.

Noisy Operation

Faulty furnaces might give out pretty awkward sounds during operation. Any furnace that makes popping, banging, or rattling sounds might need immediate replacement.

Sounds from a faulty furnace might also come from its blower. The blower on some faulty furnaces might turn on and off suddenly due to their bumpy, noisy operation.

Working with a professional heating services company makes it easy to replace noisy furnaces with ease.

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