The Best Heating & Cooling Company in the KW Area Reveal How to Choose the Right Home HVAC System

Getting a new furnace or other heating system installed is a big decision in Ontario. The wrong choice could be too expensive to run as needed, unreliable, or not be able to cover a residential space’s needs. But don’t worry finding answers to common questions surrounding this subject doesn’t have to be a challenge in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge or Guelph area.

The top HVAC company and contractors in the KW area Able Air KW have delivered what to keep in mind when picking a home furnace heating system. If you need help right now, you can reach Able Air heating and cooling team at 519-954-7300 or 519-249-9580. We are open 7 days a week, Monday to Sunday.

  1. What Fuel Type or Energy Source Will Best Meet a Home’s Needs? This decision is usually best made by comparing local availability and prices. Natural gas tends to be the most popular space heating fuel. When it’s not available, homeowners heat with propane or LP gas. Or with smaller homes electric heat pumps can also be a good option. Fuel oil is still used in some places as well. A quick talk with the HVAC company being used for the job will be quite valuable before making a decision, since they can give a good idea of what estimates should be when it comes to costs to keep a home warm with each option. Sometimes the local utility companies may also have estimates, so why not give them a call too?
  2. Air or Water: Which Distribution System is the Best Choice? Residential heating systems almost always use either forced air or hot water to heat a home. Forced air heating is a very popular choice, because the same air ducts can also be used for air conditioning needs, and to ventilate air. The hot water option uses a boiler to heat the water which is then sent through the home through via copper or plastic pipes, using radiators.

Each choice has pluses and minuses.

Forced air systems are quite convenient, as mentioned above, by also handing cooling needs during the summer. That said, many families feel that air doesn’t get quite as comfortably warm, or heat in a smooth and gradual way, as heat from radiators does. The required duct work can also make some noise when used, which can take some getting used to. They also need to be maintained properly, or leaking ducts can see heating costs skyrocket.

Water systems allow a great control of. Temperature. The boiler can also be used to provide a home’s hot water needs. However, installation is more costly. And they don’t meet the need for air conditioning or ventilating the air in a home.

Again, HVAC technicians like Able Air KW, can certainly give their thoughts on what a home’s best option could be. They have the experience, so why not ask?

  1. What’s Most Efficient? Whatever choice heats a home most efficiently, will help keep heating costs lower. Compare the ratings that should be made available before you move forward.
  2. Total Cost. Don’t forget that your heating cost isn’t just installation. It also includes your fuel cost (if any), electric cost (if any), and, importantly, your likely future maintenance cost. Once all of these factors are added your overall cost of the system should be more clear. Run through this list for the home heating options you are considering and then making a decision that respects your budget should be much more comfortable to make. Knowledge is power!
  3. What’s Your Contractor’s Informed Opinion? You are likely not an expert when it comes to heating a home. Not many people are. So this makes who you pick to work with in Kitchener area as a HVAC contractor a big decision. You should be able to count on them to help give you sound suggestions that are based on meeting your needs best, and not based on any other motivations.

In the greater Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph area, the reviews make it clear. Able Air KW can be counted on to get the job done, at the right price. They stand by the quality of their work 100% and this has led to a remarkably positive reviews from Google that just continues to grow.

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