New Air Conditioning Installation To Beat The Summer Heat Wave In Kitchener And Waterloo Area

Which Air Conditioner System Is Right For You?

Spotting the perfect air conditioner for you or your loved ones could be challenging without adequate information. But after reading this post, you’ll spot top-quality ACs and why to call Able Air KW for professional installation services.

Staying indoors without a top-notch air conditioner is uncomfortable, and you don’t have to go through that. Locating the best air conditioners on sale solves most of your cooling problems. However, getting total support from an experienced air conditioning installation and maintenance company might be difficult.

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Through this post, you’ll get comprehensive information on how to spot top air conditioners.

And that’s not all!

You’ll be sure why Able Air KW is the perfect company for your air conditioning installation. With such information at your disposal, you won’t have to deal with scorching summer heat anymore!

11 Points to Help You Spot the Right Air Conditioner

1.Energy savings

You don’t want to buy an AC and need to pay more in electricity bills. Your air conditioner should be ENERGY STAR qualified or have a Standard Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) between 13 – +25units.

If you’re not fully sold on the energy rating of your preferred AC, check out customer reviews for more information.

2. Noiseless operation

Noise is a primary factor to consider when picking an air conditioner. Select an air conditioning unit that can operate at very low decibel ratings. Noiseless air conditioners guarantee total comfort in your rooms, and for your ears.

3. Reliability

A reliable air conditioner can easily turn scorching hot days with their efficient operation. You need to choose an effective air conditioner to maximize comfort across your indoor spaces. Reliable air conditioners usually have pretty-high SEER ratings, multi-stage cooling support, and much more.  You can’t own a flopping AC when there’s an urgent need to fast-track cooling on a very hot summer afternoon.

4. Temperature controls

Air conditioners should have ample support for easy temperature controls. Make sure your chosen air conditioner can provide soothing air in hot weather and support standard temperatures in colder seasons.


Your preferred air conditioner should have a durable condenser if you plan to pay less in maintenance fees. Strong condensers made of copper usually last longer and support standard operation than other options.

6. Warranty

Consider the warranty information before placing orders for an air conditioner. Blindly selecting an AC unit may result in significant losses, especially when you buy from an unscrupulous maker or marketer.Your preferred AC should get full warranty cover and aftersales service offerings if available. Go for air conditioners with a longer warranty period you’re sure can be redeemed on short notice.


Older AC models usually don’t feature dehumidifiers, but newer brands offer this feature by default. Make sure your preferred air conditioner possesses a remarkable dehumidification index to support better cooling of your rooms.Ensuring your AC’s dehumidifier is active boosts easier operation and guarantees efficient cooling across your indoor spaces.

8. Size

When it comes to choosing the right AC, size matters. Choosing a wrong air conditioner directly affects electricity consumption in your property and may make you spend unnecessarily.Fitting bigger air conditioners in a small room could support easier cooling but weigh down your electricity bill. The same goes for smaller ACs in big rooms; as cooling air won’t spread much, but your electricity bill will. Most air conditioners have their ideal room dimensions slapped across their packaging. Consider the size of your room and compare it with your preferred air conditioner before placing any orders.

9. Brand

Dozens of air conditioner brands are available, but a select few rank as top-performing options. The perfect air conditioner for you or loved one should be a trusted brand with quality features. Brands like Trane currently lead the market with top options that provide superb cooling support for indoor spaces. Make sure your choice for an air conditioner rests on efficiency and ease of use. Other factors could be secondary based on your preferences.

10. Supplementary features

Air conditioners have gone past being just regular cooling devices; and several new brands possess many useful features.

If you plan to consider how much the central air conditioner cost before your purchase, gun for useful extra features. Some of the most common extra features to consider before spotting an AC are:

  • Auto-clean function,
  • Sleep mode,
  • Energy-efficient condenser coils,
  • Anti-bacterial filter, etc.

Selecting a split or central air conditioner based on these extra features could give you more bang for buck. However, it’s important to consider the vital features of your air conditioner before observing extra functions.

The potential for emitting massive, lasting cooling air should be your major decider. But choosing an air conditioner based on added functions shouldn’t hurt either.

11.  Installation ease

Your preferred air conditioner should not be difficult to install, particularly in this season of heightened medical emergencies. Choose an AC that offers smart install features and supports easier fitting around your home. If you don’t know what AC is easy to install, an experienced AC technician can help you find one.

Why Should You Trust Able Air KW for Your New Air Conditioning Installation, Maintenance, and Repair

Able Air KW is a household name when it comes to professional services for air conditioning and other HVAC systems. Our service spread covers many areas around Kitchener, Cambridge, Waterloo, Guelph and surrounding areas.

Our professionals offer top-notch services and adhere to all laid down safety protocols during operation. Members of Able Air KW staff also offer contactless installation and maintenance services since the COVID-19 pandemic. Staff from our company will always be fitted with protective clothing, N95 facemasks, and other safety equipment for your protection.

Call us on 519-249-9580 or 519-954-7300 to install your Trane cooling systems and other equipment today. You can also visit our website for more information about our 24/7 AC installation and maintenance services. Reaching out to our customer service team is the best step to guarantee unrivaled cooling support from your HVAC systems. We are open 7 days a week, Monday to Sunday.