10 Simple, Yet Effective Residential Furnace Maintenance Tips To Fine Tune, Save Money and Keep You and Your Loved Ones Warm in KW Area All Winter

If you want to get the most out of your home furnace without breaking the bank, it’s a good idea to employ a few inside tips and methods agreed on by the HVAC contractors. This kind of regular maintenance will lengthen the life of your furnace, and help save you money over both the long and short term.

On top of this, importantly, you can help avoid potential dangers in your home by making sure your furnace is well maintained. But don’t worry, If you need help right now, you can reach Able Air heating and cooling team at 519-954-7300 or 519-249-9580. We are open 7 days a week, Monday to Sunday.

Here’s our top 10 simple and effective residential furnace maintenance tips from our world class and certified HVAC team at Able Air KW.

  1. A Properly Functioning Thermostat is a Must. First and foremost, make sure your thermostat is accurate. If not it is next to impossible to keep heating costs under control. thermostat is functioning properly. If your home’s temperature seems off from what the thermostat reads, it’s time to get this fixed. Your best choice is to call in our team to make sure it is clean, calibrated and operating in a way you can count on.
  2. Change Your Air Filters on a Regular Schedule. If your air filters are clogged, dirty or damaged, how can you expect good air quality? You can’t. Plus these kind of issues will cause your furnace to work too hard to move air through the filters. This equals inconsistent temperatures and higher bills. Changing filters is quick, easy, and inexpensive. So don’t neglect them.
  3. Clean Your Furnace. Again: when things aren’t clean don’t expect top performance. A dirty furnace doesn’t work anywhere near as well as a clean one, and even worse, the dirtier it is, the greater the chance that something inside is going to break. Of course if you’d like it done professionally, we’d love to come in and help. Maintenance agreements are also available.
  4. Keep an Eye on the Control Valve. If the heat from your furnace isn’t what it should be, one of the first things you should check out is your control valve. This is an essential key to successful furnace maintenance.
  5. The Tension Belt. If your furnace is noisy, this is the likely culprit. If it is worn out or ripped, replace it or have it replaced.
  6. Is the Motor Dry? The furnace’s motor needs oil. Without enough oil, real damage can occur, which can be costly to fix. A better solution is to oil it on a regular basis. When it comes to HVAC and furnaces, smart, regular maintenance can save you a lot of time, money, and frustration in the long run. So don’t ignore little things like this.
  7. Are the Vents Blocked? Another important question. Blocked vents will, again, make your furnace not deliver heat the way it should. Even worse this can lead to very real danger, from things like carbon monoxide poisoning. This is a worst case scenario that has even cost families their lives.
  8. Give Your Furnace a Visual Inspection. There’s no shortage of small (or large) things that may be going wrong with your furnace that can be quickly noticed visually. So why not give your furnace a visual inspection on a regular basis? This only takes a few minutes, but can end up being a big benefit towards keeping your furnace running optimally.
  9. Check (or Install) a Carbon Monoxide Detector. This can give real peace of mind. But to do so it needs to be working properly. If you don’t have one near your furnace, it is a smart investment. No one wants to run into surprises in this area.
  10. Spring Shut Down. When spring hits it’s time to shut down your furnace and go over it from head to toe. Think of it as part of your home’s spring cleaning. With the checklist above this can be quick and easy without any challenges. And if you do need work done, you can schedule it for when it is best for your schedule – since you won’t have to worry about being caught without heat.


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