10 Common Reasons For AC Repairs And How To Contact An Expert Technician in Kitchener Waterloo Area

In this post, we will see ten (10) most common reasons why you may need an AC repair technician. If you’re unsure why your AC is acting up, contact Able Air KW for expert air conditioning repair services today.

Living with a broken air conditioner could be unbearable. And not knowing why your air conditioning starts developing issues can be equally frustrating.

It’s vital to be aware of common reasons why you may need an air conditioning repair service. That’s why this post presents ten (10) popular reasons why people need an urgent AC repair.

Getting through the scorching Ontario summer heat is not possible without a functional AC system. Whenever you notice your ACs start developing problems, put a call through to the professional technicians at Able Air KW immediately.   You can reach our team at 519-954-7300 or 519-249-9580 or visit company website at: https://ableairkw.com. We are open 7 days a week, Monday to Sunday.

Here are some of the main reasons why you may need an AC repair service like Able Air KW:

1. Blocked drains

Air conditioning units need to remove moisture from the air and send it down a drain. Condensed water has to travel through a drain line, but when this line is blocked, backup becomes common.

Blocked drains can damage your floors, soak a ceiling with wastewater, and yes, stop your AC from working. Urgent repairs are necessary to avoid blocked drains from destroying your flooring. Whenever you notice your AC backs up water it should let out, turn it off and call for repairs.

2. Debris/Dirt

Your AC system needs to be thoroughly clean to work well. Every part of the air conditioning unit from its air filters, electrical panels, evaporators, condenser, etc. should be clean. If dirt finds its way into any of these compartments, the AC won’t function properly. Blockages can also lead to the release of dust and allergens into your property.

When ACs cannot work at their standard rate, technicians tend to check for dirt and debris blockages.  Spotting dirt in an AC system may be difficult without expert help. And prolonging making contact with an experienced air conditioning repair service doesn’t help either.

3. Low/leaking refrigerant

AC systems low on refrigerants may happen long after installing your unit, or minutes after. If an AC is low on refrigerant, it will not produce enough cooling spread to cover your interior. Leaking refrigerants may give out within a few days and will be marked by a noticeable uptick in heat.

You need to enlist the services of an experienced AC repair technician to fix the low or leaking refrigerant problem. Trying to fix this issue yourself will likely not get you desired results.

4. Sensor problems

Air conditioners usually have a built-in sensor for regulating how the thermostat operates. If this sensor cannot function properly, measuring incoming air through the evaporator coils is not possible.

Whenever the sensor is not aligned, it may be hard to notice. Contact a trained technician to help you check the sensor’s placement and fix it accordingly.

5.Leaky ducts

Ductwork runs from an AC’s inlet across your ceilings and walls, carrying cool air into your property. If any holes are in these ducts, cool air meant for your home, office, or public space won’t get there.

Leaking ducts will cause problems to your walls and ceilings and drive up your power bills. Whenever you notice your AC working too hard to cool your space, contact a technician immediately.

6.Faulty thermostat

Incorrect calibration in a dial-type or programmable AC results in noticeable poor performance. Ensure you set your unit’s thermostat correctly.

7. Corroded wires

Corrosion is common in much older ACs due to a mix of moisture and packed wires and terminals. ACs that struggle with corrosion may stop suddenly, leaving your space to take in too much heat.

8. Frozen evaporator supply line

Evaporator coils are responsible for transmitting cool air from your AC’s compressor into your home. If the evaporator freezes up, much-needed cool air cannot get through.

9. Fan problems

Problems with your air conditioner’s fans have to be settled immediately. When you notice the fan on your AC doesn’t turn as it should, call a technician to have it fixed.

10.Dead breakers, fuses, contactors, or capacitors

Every air conditioning unit needs a vast electrical network to function properly. AC units will not give full performance or come to a complete stop if any of these components fail:

Breakers: provide protection against overheating for your AC unit. Whenever a breaker experiences issues, the air conditioner cannot offer full safeguards for your AC. If that happens, other components, like the fuse for example, could burn out.

Fuses: in an AC system serve as a safeguard against unexpected fluctuations in power that may damage your unit. If breakers develop problems, fuses will likely stop working too.

Contactors: are present in the compressor, condenser fan, and blower motor of air conditioners. Without the electrical connection of these contactors, your AC will not start properly.

Required electrical current to start an AC’s motors won’t pass through without these components. Whenever you notice your AC having a bout of stop-start operation, this may be the problem.

Capacitors: play a vital role in kick-starting motors that transfer power to an AC’s compressor and fans. Two capacitors are in most AC units. If any of these capacitors give out, the AC will not work.

Do You Need an Expert to Repair Your AC?

Contact Able Air KW for professional air conditioning repair services. With a wealth of experienced hands working to make your home cooling system functional, you’ll be more comfortable than ever.

Trying to engage AC repair without help may not be the best. That’s why you need to ensure your air conditioning repair and maintenance services are handled by professionals.

Call our customer service team for all kinds of AC problems at 519-249-9580 or 519-954-7300. You can also visit our website to book a detailed consultation with our technicians. We are open 24/7, 365 days a year and service most towns in and around Ontario. Put a call through to our team now, and make those AC faults a distant memory.